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Image by Zoltan Tasi
Buddhist symbol of the lotus as metaphor for recovery from addiction

Louisville Recovery Sangha is a fellowship that shares the intention of providing support and hope for individuals who have experienced the suffering of addiction and wish to explore recovery through the lens of Buddhism.  The word “Buddha” means to be awake.  Awakening leads to freedom from all forms of suffering including addiction.  It is our intent to support one another in our individual search to free ourselves from addiction.  We think that the path to freedom is through Buddhist teachings about the truth, commonly referred to as dharma.  We are not empowered Buddhist teachers, but share the intention of deepening our understanding of Buddhist teachings.

All individuals who seek recovery are welcome to attend our meetings.  We are not affiliated with any outside institution or organization.  We have no dues or fees, rather, we meet expenses by the generosity “Dana” of attendees.   We have no opinion on outside issues, including medical, spiritual or psychological treatment of addiction using other models or programs.  In order to protect all members and participants, we practice anonymity.  We have rotating service positions rather than a formal leadership structure, welcoming all to participate in making group decisions.

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